Demystifying Technological Complexities for Healthcare & Life Sciences

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We enable Exceptional Experiences for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Healthcare CRM

There’s a growing gap between the Patient population and the number of Healthcare workers available to manage their cases.
Futurecloud's world-class solutions delivery team uses Salesforce to help providers narrow the healthcare gap by more effectively deploying their resources and engaging their patients.

Patient Engagement
Care Coordination
Patient Tracking
Referral & Intake Management
Case Management
Outreach Management
EHR & Systems Integration
Integrated Telehealth Services
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Life Sciences

Medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies are facing increased regulatory burdens. Customer service expectations are higher than ever. The pressure to grow product and service sales is relentless. Companies across the life sciences spectrum need the right technology platforms and a qualified implementation partner to keep pace.

Sales and Forecasting
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking
Care Coordination
Case Management & Field Service
Drug Trial Management
ERP & Legacy Systems Integration
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Cell and Gene Therapy

Revolutionise how you handle your patients' Cell and Gene therapy treatment plans. Our credible cloud-based solutions orchestrate the whole procedure, from initialisation to injection, with low effort from the HCPs. Streamline the process of tracking and managing your patients' progress now!

Effortless Apheresis Management and Scheduling
Subject, Site, and Study Management
Track Chain of Identity/Chain of Custody
Drive Flexible Manufacturing for Cell Orders
Cell Order Management
CRM for Commercialisation
Finance & Contracts Management
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One-stop shop. Infinite potential.

Business process automation

Business Process Automation

For businesses big and small, our certified Salesforce professionals provide top-notch consulting services, offering you crystal-clear insights into how to identify new prospects, boost sales, and enhance customer service.

Salesforce automation

Salesforce Optimisation

As Salesforce experts, we assist our customers in reevaluating the core tenets of their operations, finding fresh avenues for expansion, and beginning the process of digital transformation.

Salesforce Development

Salesforce Development

We develop Salesforce solutions that streamline Customer Care and Sales processes so you can concentrate on the big picture: turning your aspirations into reality.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration

In order to link your business operations to technology, adapt, and automate the business process, and enable you to make more data-driven and intelligent choices, our Salesforce professionals effortlessly integrate with multiple integration services.

Smart teams

Smart Teams

You've come to the correct spot whether you need a fully staffed team of Salesforce experts or simply a certain skill set to effectively execute the project within the strictest deadlines.

Our clients unlocked Salesforce capabilities with Futurecloud

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Supply-Chain Management and Healthcare Delivery system to track & manage patients using Salesforce Health Cloud.

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Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation
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Continuous Innovation

Customer Insight

Let’s get things rolling!

We are adaptable and considerate to our clients' requirements. When working with our Salesforce engineers, customers may choose from a variety of cooperation models.

Dedicated Team

  • Engineers who are full-time and highly competent, hand-picked to meet your project's requirements.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and current business processes for the customer.
  • Project scopes that are adaptable.

Time and Material

  • Project scope and criteria are very flexible.
  • Agile software development.
  • Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing.

Support packages

  • Packages of 40, 80, or 120 hours of expert Salesforce help are available when needed.
  • Services that are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • Upon request, a quick start and ramp up will be provided.

Fixed Price

  • From day one through day X of solution delivery, a precise project cost may be calculated.
  • Prior to the start of the project, timelines must be clearly specified and agreed upon.
  • Project hazards are kept to a minimum.